Blogger issues.

For a while now I've been having issues with blogger. It deletes drafts, messes up images, and now I'm finding out that it's also deleting comments I've already accepted and/or have been on the blog for a while now. I'ts starting to get slightly frustrating, I will not lie.

Anyway, if you guys want to contact me through the blog, perhaps also might want to drop me a note on an email, just to make sure I see it. I don't know what's up with blogger, but it's not cool :( If problems persist, I'll start looking into a new blog platform (seems like I do this every year...)

G40, continued.

All that's left to add is a few more details and some refining and then this will be ready to be shipped off to washington, DC.
Again, if anyone is in the Washington metro area, do drop by to see the work being shown at the G40 exhibition put on by Art Whino Gallery! take pictures for me, haha.

P.S: Toes not included in the show.


Her'es some final images. Enjoy.

G40 Skateboard Art Show

I have the pleasure of having been invited to take part in the G40 Art Exhibit put on by Art Whino Gallery in Washington DC. I'll be taking part in the skateboard show. It'll be going on from May 19th to June 17th, so if you're in the DC metro area, by all means drop by and show them your support.

Go here for more details on the show. I'll be posting more images later on in the week.

- J